Encycla is a different take on a wiki style encyclopedia. After signup, a user can edit pages through a WYSIWYG interface.

Encycla's technologies include Git and Markdown. These two appeal to software industry people. As users edit pages using WYSIWYG interface, the Encycla saves commits in Git using a markdown representation of the page. That includes history of the edits to pages.

Encycla is brought to you by:

Philip Neustrom

Philip was co-founder of nonprofit LocalWiki ("Wikipedia sister project in spirit"), and co-founder of DavisWiki (used by 90% of residents). His other projects include discovering the US telco location data sharing program, "Shit Programmers Say," Creative Commons on Instagram. He has a BS in Mathematics from the University of California, Davis. [email protected].

Chris Jerdonek, PhD

Chris is a Python core team member and WebKit core team member. He serves on the SF Elections Commission and led the open source paper voting system effort. He has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of California, Davis where he was advised by Fields Medalist William Thurston, and an AB from Harvard. [email protected].


You can contact us at [email protected] and follow us on twitter.