Faux concrete wall panels behind the bar

Because of their undeniable decorative value and ease of installation, decorative panels are sweeping the interior design market.

They are increasingly used for decorating ordinary apartments as well as public buildings. They decorate, conceal, soundproof, and quickly transform the interiors of our businesses, homes, and apartments.

Wall panels that are simple to install provide numerous options for upgrading the interiors.

Large geometric shapes - 3d wall panels

Two popular types of panels are geometric shapes that can be combined into a large plane on the wall or small, single decorations.

Modular panels can be used to highlight a single wall, such as in the living room or bedroom behind the bed headboard. They create an amazing effect of a wall with a distinct texture when lit properly. This is an eye-catching interior design technique that we frequently use in place of wallpaper.

Interior designers are currently using hard panels that look like stucco. Most of these panels can be painted to match our walls.

Ivory wall panels in the kitchen

The hit here for us is white or ivory, which also highlights the original texture. The panels are made of materials that are both impact and water resistant. Because of their moisture-resistant decorative wall panel coating, they can be installed in any room, including the kitchen and bathroom.

They do not clog the walls because their weight does not exceed 1 to 2 kg per square meter, allowing them to be installed on walls, attics, and as furniture niche decorations.

The second type of popular modular panel is even more lightweight. These are soft panels that are ideal for use in the bedroom. Soft panels that form the shape of honeycomb or rectangular panels have grown in popularity.

Honeycomb lightweight and soft wall panels

Sound-absorbing and soundproofing is another useful and less well-known function of decorative panels.  Insulating the interior from outside noises is a feature that will be appreciated especially by residents of large blocks of flats and apartments in city centers, where silence does not even fall at night, and especially in offices, where many people work and work requires concentration and a quiet place for important meetings. They contribute to a better acoustic environment at work and can be used successfully as notice boards or places to pin children's drawings.

Decorative panels are small works of art. Panels are also used as decorations, which we hang on walls or place on chests of drawers. Paintings are analogous to single decorative panels. They can be adorned with art reproductions, celebrity portraits, or atmospheric photographs of a favourite landscape.

As you can see with a range of materials, styles and sizes to choose from wall panels offer endless possibilities for refreshing the look of your home or office. So why wait?  Start exploring all available options and take the first step towards designing the space of your dreams.