Lighting your eternal dwellings since before The Ascension.

This article refers to Inferno Ascended.

Argypiron is a metal with luminescence properties. It was used in the past as a font of light. It needs to be exposed to constant heat to keep its property. Its light is red and resembles fire or lava. As long as the argipyron is heated, it will keep emmiting light.

Usually, the processess consisted in melting the argipyron then using it as a painting on a recipient capable of transmitting heat, such as copper or glass vials. Then the recipient would be filled with boiling water or kept over a brasier.

The luminiscence of  'lamps' made of argipyron made a better light than any other method known to the day in Stygia.

The argipyron is considered a rare metal since the Ascension, but lamps made of this metal are still used, although considered a luxury.

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