'Many enter, only the best leave.' - Armoric games motto

This article refers to Inferno Ascended.


The Armoric games is a deadly competition held in the honor of Armoris, an echelian hero, on the island of Armorion.

Armoris was an echelian commoner by birth, but due to his ambition to become a great warrior, he didn't spare efforts to join the Echelian Army and took part in many battles.

He got to know the daughter of the emperor, and soon they became lovers. The emperor asked the Rhoas to 'remove' the unwanted suitor, but the Rhoas chief rudely replied that even a commoner of the Echelians was a good enough man for the Emperor's daughter. And they could prove it.

Armoris was sent to an unnamed Island to fight against handpicked warriors from across the clan. If he was able to gather enough tokens of his victories, he'd be able to keep his head over his shoulders. The Rhoas Champion was surely triggered by the fact a commoner dared to wish a place a krios should win, but the clan wouldn't lose face.

Armoris wiped the island in a few days. With this, the Rhoas leader declared him a Rhoas, and took him to the Emperor as a suitor from the clan to his daughter. Later, Armoris became a general in the Imperial Guard.

This event inspired the Armoric games, and the island took the name of the champion.

Current Format

The format evolved after some time.

Now, young echelians born to commoner families can claim a noble marriage into the krios of the clan.

As the clan has the custom of marrying the girls as early as 16 years, single women after this age are frowned upon. Noblewomen, wanting to delay their marriage for a reason or other, must offer their hand to the best warriors of the game, so it's seen as an act of sacrifice for the clan. As soon as they reach 22 years old, they must marry the next champions of the Armoric games. They believe it helps to strengthen the noble bloodline.

The krios bride has the precedence to choose the champion of her liking. The champion will become a krios to the family of his bride, and their offspring will be krios too.

The champions of the Armoric Games are usually celebrated as heroes.

The Games

The contestants are taken to Armorion, and aside from their clothing, can keep only a few possessions, but no food or water. They need to take as many tokens from their enemies and ring a bell when they're ready to leave. The token is a braid made of human hair, symbolizing the pride of their family. The game is bloody and merciless since only the mightiest ones will survive.

When someone rings the bell but is found not worthy _ not having as many tokens as other contestants, they're shunned and humiliated. Usually, the survivors that were found not worth and shamed the memory of the ones who perished on the island are spared from death but forced to serve a temple for a number of years, doing the dirtiest jobs no one wants.

The official prize of the Armoric Games, aside from marrying a noblewoman, is an obsidian spearhead and a crown of yew but is common to receive other gifts too.