Island of the Armoric Games

This article refers to Inferno Ascended.

Armorion is an island in the Temninean Region, in the Echelian Clans State.

It's the place where the Armoric Games are held biannually, to celebrate a late Echelian hero called Armoris. 

The island has only 77km², covered with woods and several thermal springs and geysers. It makes the island extremely foggy.

It doesn't have mountains or hills of note. Its average height is 3m. 

The island once held a temple and was considered a sacred place. No one is really sure what god was worshipped in Armorion in the past, but it's still believed the place is sacred.

During the Steam Wars, the Steam People took over the island. It made the Echelians, up to this moment indecisive about entering the war, side the Emperor against both the Steam People allies and the vselys allies.

Ruins from both the Pre Ascension and Steam People Occupation times can be found amid the forest.