The Most Militaristic and Traditional State

This article refers to Inferno Ascended.

The Echelian State is formed by the Echelian clans, and occupies the greatest portion of Stygia, in the west.

The Echelians united in a single State recently, but there are still issues threatening the unity of the families inside the clan.

Noble families:

The three more powerful families are:

  • Kroton
  • Damastios
  • Rhoas

The common blazon of the clan is a ram, and their flag colors are red and white.

The Echelian territory borders the dangerous Erimos and is in constant war with the non-humans. The Echelian state has the second-largest army of all Stygia, but they consider themselves as the best warriors and prize the belic matters above everything else.

Following the imperial system, the government is provincial. A governor, called archon, supervises the province. Mayor or chiefs take care of the towns and villages. 

The clan's head of state is called archigeos.

Important Cities

The Echelian capital is Echelion. Other important cities are:

  • Stapolis

(more to add)


The Echelian clans are divided into 89 small provinces.

Provinces of note:

  • Valosia
  • Hissoria
  • Syratta
  • Temnineia
  • Amponamia
  • Phameia
  • Kios
  • Permia
  • (more to add)


  • Armorion
  • Perseic Sea
  • Hermos Pass
  • Chios Bay
  • Halesus Bay
  • Thepomesus Channel
  • Hellus Cape
  • Neameia
  • (more to add)


Cities of note in the novel:

  • Crona
  • Temnos
  • Athios
  • Pergale
  • Tylare
  • Phameia
  • Methinoita
  • Chytale
  • Thypes
  • (more to add)