Imperial Messenger Ship

This article refers to Inferno Ascended.

Medeia is the first Imperial Messenger Ship mentioned in the novel Inferno Ascended. The Imperial Captain Laertes is in charge of the crew and vessel. It makes its first appearance on the chapter 15 (A Ship called Medeia) of the original release on Webnovel.

The name Medeia was taken for the well famous sorceress Medeia, from Colchis, in classic Greek Myths.

Medeia is described as being a Pharysian warship remodelled to to attend the imperial duties as a messenger ship, taking advantage of its special built and velocity.

As many other Imperial ships, Medeia sports a black hull with eyes painted on it. The flag depicts the Imperial Egide, a double head looking to both sides.

Medeia is a bireme of about 30m, with a castle, small storage room, and a deactivated 'powerhouse'.

It has both square and triangular sails, different from conventional ships seen on Stygia. The internal mechanism of oars was capable of multiply  force and therefore, save energy from the rowers, and sail faster. It also had onagers (a type of ballista or trebuchet).

The shipped 'mechanic' is a vselys slave called Malko. He takes care of the maintenance of the ship and also guards the powerhouse.

Medeia's powerhouse is a mysterious chamber resembling a casket, locked with bars. It's also referred to as 'Valia's Cauldron' or 'Forge of Souls'.