BOTN KF94 masks come individually wrapped. Pictured is the 2021-era english packaging for the large and medium size black BOTN KF94.

The BOTN KF94 is a KF94 mask produced by TIA BOTN ("Breath of the Nature"), a South Korean company. The BOTN KF94 is a "boat-style" KF94 mask and features built-in adjustable earloop straps to achieve a greater fit.

Like most KF94 masks, BOTN KF94 are produced in South Korea.

Where to buy BOTN KF94 in the US

If looking to buy a BOTN KF94 in the US, reputable vendors include:

  • Be Healthy USA is a major distributor of KF94 masks and works directly with BOTN to import & distribute in the US.
  • KollecteUSA is a Los Angeles-based importer of KF94 masks such as BOTN as well as other Korean products (beauty, snacks, tea, etc).
  • Everyday eMall is a NYC based importer of Asian products such as BOTN KF94 / other KF94 masks, beauty products, snacks, etc.
  • BOTN has an official Amazon store that sells their masks.

Independent tests

The BOTN KF94 is an approved KF94 mask, so its quality is enforced by the South Korean FDA - and it met the necessary KF94 standards for approval. That being said, independent groups have tested the BOTN KF94:

Armbrust American has tested the BOTN KF94 and saw 99.93% filtration efficacy with a breathability of 165.24 pa:

Armbrust American, a US based mask manufacturer, tested the BOTN KF94 and got great results.

Aaron Collins has tested a variety of BOTN KF94 sizes (including BOTN masks he had worn for 30+ hours and then tested afterward) and saw ~99.6% filtration efficacy (as worn) with a pressure drop of 0.33 in. H2O (BOTN large tested at (9 minutes, 9 seconds):

Aaron Collins, the internet's "mask nerd", has tested a variety of BOTN KF94 sizes.