The Clean Well KF94 with box. Clean Well KF94s are sold in individually wrapped packages. Shown is the "navy" color.

The Clean Well KF94 (sometimes phrased "Cleanwell") is a KF94 mask made by Clean Well Co. Clean Well KF94s come in a variety of solid colors navy, redwine, gray, beige, black and ivory. The Clean Well KF94s are "boat"-style / "3D" KF94 masks.

Clean Well KF94s each come with a little plastic clip you can use to tighten the mask to your face with. 

While the Clean Well KF94 doesn't have built-in adjustable ear loops, each Clean Well KF94 comes with a behind-the-head clip which can be used to achieve a better fit. To use it, loop the ear loops around your ears like normal, then use the clip behind your head to attach the loops to the back of your head instead of directly to your ears. You can play with a few different configurations by flipping the orientation and position of the clip. Alternatively, mask cord locks can be used.

Clean Well KF94s are produced in South Korea and is an approved KF94 mask.

Where to buy Clean Well KF94 in the US / outside of South Korea

  • is a Korean beauty supply importer that ships Clean Well KF94s within the United States.

Independent tests

Clean Well K94s are approved KF94 masks, so its quality is enforced by the South Korean FDA - and it met the necessary KF94 standards for approval.

Aaron Collins tested the Cleanwell KF94 and saw great results.

Aaron Collins, an engineer with a background in aerosol science, tested the Clean Well KF94 and found an effective filtration efficacy of 99.5% with a pressure drop of 0.22 in. H2O. As of April 2022, the Clean Well KF94 has one of the highest "Quality Factors" (ratio of filtration efficiency as worn to pressure drop) in Aaron Collins' mask testing spreadsheet.

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