The GVS Elipse P100. Pictured is a size "S/M."

The GVS Elipse P100 is an elastomeric respirator produced by the GVS Group. It features a low-profile design with P100 filters integrated into the rubber face piece. The GVS Elipse P100 and its variations are NIOSH certified respirators.

The GVS Elipse P100 comes in two sizes: a S/M size (SPR451) and a M/L size (SPR457).

Miller Electric sells a branded version of the GVS Elipse which they call the LPR-100 Reusable Half Mask Respirator. Klein Tools also makes a branded version of the GVS Elipse P100.

The default model of the GVS Elipse P100 features a one-way exhalation valve. The US CDC considers exhalation valves on N95s to be acceptable for source control (NIOSH study as well as this presentation on elastomeric respirators - 19:15, 40:00 marks) but some may choose to cover the valve. A surgical or cloth mask can be placed over the GVS Elipse, with ear loops around the wearer's ears; or the ear loops can be tied around the strap attachment points on the front of the respirator.

A valveless model of the GVS Elipse P100 is available and has NIOSH certification. A valved source control version with a separate exhalation filter, the Elipse P3 Source Control Respirator, filter is also available.

Artist Lauryl Gaumer created a gold-plated glass derivative of the GVS Elipse.

News articles

  • April 2020 news article on GVS's adaptation from producing automative air filters to producing the GVS Elipse respirator.

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