Each Encycla page is a git repository containing markdown and some other files.

Editing an Encycla page using git

Encycla pages have a git URL to clone the page in the page footer. You can also find the git URL in the "..." context menu next to "Edit", under "Git Clone."

Creating an Encycla page using git directly

Sometimes it's nice to create pages without having to go to the Encycla website first. You can get started on an Encycla page using git directly - just do a git clone of a new page in your user namespace:

git clone https://encycla.com/@yourusername/New_page

this will clone an Encycla page with the default Encycla repository structure. The page is not created yet, and is not visible to others, until you git push for the first time.

Doing a git push will create the page on Encycla if it doesn't exist yet.

Shell helpers

Adding a line like export encycla='https://encycla.com/@yourusername' to your e.g. .bashrc will let you do a very concise:

git clone $encycla/New_page

Git branches

Git branches are called drafts on the Encycla website. You can view them in Menu -> Drafts when viewing a page.