A little Island in the Perseic Sea

This article refers to Inferno Ascended.

Athios is the nearest inhabitated island next to the area the monster Sillabot once plagued, in the Perseic Sea.

It consists of a small village, a port, a small temple to the Moon Goddess Selene, and little else.

The main occupations are fishing and providing shelter and supplies for ships crossing the Perseic Sea.

The village is also known for their dried tarrat, a species of fish delicacy. When Sillabot is attacking the ships around the region, their income and fishing decreases to a desperating point. The head of the village, a noble Damastios called Leonides, dies while trying to fight the monster. 

Without an official leadership, the villagers appoint Iasonas, Leonides father-in-law, to lead them while a noble is not appointed to take care of the village. 

The senior fisherman Iasonas is the foster father of Charikleia, a mysterious commoner who married Leonide.

The village is also home to Anteu, another mysterious character.