A Levoit LV-H128 in a bathroom.

The Levoit LV-H128 "Desktop True HEPA Air Purifier" is a HEPA air purifier produced by Levoit.  The LV-H128 is a relatively small HEPA air purifier and features an integrated aroma pad that essential oils can be added to.

The Levoit LV-H128 is a rectangular shape and has two rectangular HEPA filters inside of it. At the center of the top of the unit is a small circular cover, under which an aroma pad can be found. Essential oils can be added to this aroma pad without damaging or affecting the HEPA filters, which are on the sides of the unit.


The Levoit LV-H128 produces a CADR of 41 CFM ("clean air delivery rate"), is between 24 and 36dB loud depending on which mode the unit is operating in and is rated for 6W of power.