The Bluna Facefit KF94 mask with individual packaging. Note that this Bluna Facefit is the version prior to the 2021 design changes (see below).

The Bluna Facefit is a brand of KF94 masks. The Bluna Facefit is a "boat" (also known as "3D") type of KF94 mask and features built-in adjustable earloop straps.  The Bluna Facefit comes in white and black colors.

Like most KF94 masks, the Bluna Facefit are produced in South Korea.

Where to buy Bluna Facefit in the US

  • KollecteUSA is a Los Angeles-based importer of KF94 masks such as Bluna Facefit as well as other Korean products (beauty, snacks, tea, etc).
  •, a Korean beauty product importer, carries the Bluna Facefit.

Independent tests

As an approved KF94 mask, the Bluna Facefit's quality is assured by the South Korean FDA.

Aaron Collins has tested the Bluna Facefit and had good results.

Aaron Collins, an engineer with a background in aerosol science, has tested the Bluna Facefit and found 99.1% effective filtration and a pressure drop of 0.23 in. H2O.

Bluna Facefit design changes in 2021

Sometime in 2021, Bluna changed the design of the Bluna Facefit slightly, causing lots of discussion on the reddit /r/masks4all subreddit. The new design was tested by Aaron Collins and was found to have the same filtration efficacy (as worn) as the previous Bluna Facefit.

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