The Honeywell North N Series are cartridges and filters for Honeywell's North half mask and full facepiece respirators.

Cartridges and filters

For a list of the N Series cartridges and filters, see the Honeywell websiteThis is NOT a complete list:


A pair of Honeywell 7580P100.

A low-profile P100 filter, magenta color. The 7580P100 is made of HEPA-type glass fiber paper.

7506N95 and 7506N99

The Honeywell 9506N95 (left, used) and 7506N99 (right, unused). The N99 filter is slightly thicker than the N95 filter but is the same diameter.

These are N95 and N99 filters made of electret filter media. They are sold either as a filter-only set or as a pre-assembled filter assembly. The N95 and N99 filters are to be used with a filter assembly: the N750027 ("Seal check/filter cover") and N750015 ("Filter Holder"). When purchased as a pre-assembled set, these are sold as the 7531N95 and  the 7531N99.

The N95 and N99 filters are easier to breathe through (lower pressure drop) than the low-profile P100 filters, and the N95 filter is easier to breathe through than the N99 filter.

Independent testing

While the N Series N95 and N99 filters are NIOSH certified, meaning they will achieve > 95% or > 99% filtration efficiency in the NIOSH tests, independent testing data is useful to learn what the specific numbers achieved are (as NIOSH doesn't release information from their testing).

N Series N95 filters:

  • In a 2013 study, "North Safety Products" 7506 N95 filters achieved between 99.6% and 95.8% filtration depending on test conditions (tested with a bacteriophage aerosol around 500 nm on average).
  • In a 2003 study, 7506 N95 filters were tested in a respirator sealed to subjects' faces (to eliminate leakage) with a TSI Portacount Plus. The researchers found the 7506 N95 filters achieved at worst around 96% (Table III, "N95 fit factor", lowest 4 values for North, averaged).

N750027 (Seal check/filter cover) and N750015 (Filter holder)

N95 filter assembly, as sold. This is the 7531N95, consisting of the N750027, N750015 and 7506N95 in a pre-assembled form.

Used with the N95 and N99 filters above.

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