The Honeywell North N Series are cartridges and filters for Honeywell's North half mask and full facepiece respirators.

Cartridges and filters

For a list of the N Series cartridges and filters, see the Honeywell websiteThis is NOT a complete list:


A pair of Honeywell 7580P100.

A low-profile P100 filter, magenta color.

7506N95 and 7506N99

The Honeywell 9506N95 (left, used) and 7506N99 (right, unused).

These are N95 and N99 filters. They are sold either as a filter-only set or as a pre-assembled filter assembly.

The N95 and N99 filters are to be used with a filter assembly: the N750027 ("Seal check/filter cover") and N750015 ("Filter Holder").

When purchased as a pre-assembled set, these are sold as the 7531N95 and  the 7531N99.

N750027 (Seal check/filter cover) and N750015 (Filter holder)

A Honeywell North RU8500 respirator with N99 filters (in the N750027, N750015 filter assembly)

Used with the N95 and N99 filters above.

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