The Honeywell North RU8500, size medium. Shown with P100 cartridges.
The interior of the Honeywell North RU8500. Note the "double-flange" design.

The Honeywell North RU8500 is a half face elastomeric respirator produced by Honeywell. The RU8500 features a speech diaphragm to improve audibility.

The RU8500 facepiece is made of a soft silicone similar to the Honeywell North 7700. The RU8500 comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and three colors (royal blue, light green and lilac). As of 2022, it appears only the royal blue color is being sold.

As a "North" series respirator, the RU8500 takes Honeywell North N-Series cartridges. The RU8500 is NIOSH approved in a variety of configurations - as an air-purifying respirator, continuous flow supplied air respirator (CF-SAR), and is "pending" approval in a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) configuration.

The RU8500 interior has a "double-flange" design which differs from the single-flange design of the North 7700

The RU8500 is the replacement for the Sperian Survivair Blue 1. The RU8500 is identical to the Sperian Survivar Blue 1 except that the RU8500 takes the usual Honeywell N-Series cartridges.

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