A Levoit Core 300 with the check filter (red) light on.

The Levoit Core 300 is a HEPA air purifier made by Levoit. Unlike some of Levoit's other air purifiers, the Core 300 does not feature integrated WiFi or a PM2.5 particle sensor.  The Levoit Core 300S has these features.

The Levoit 300 is a cylindrical shape, with a cylindrical HEPA filter inside. The internal filter has a pre-filter layer on the outside, the HEPA filter, and an activated carbon 3rd filter layer. The layers are not replaced independently -- when the filter is no longer working properly, a new filter is needed.


The Levoit Core 300 produces a CADR of 140 CFM ("clean air delivery rate"), is between 24 and 50dB loud depending on which mode the unit is operating in and is rated for 45W of power.

Levoit Core 300S

The Levoit Core 300S is nearly identical to the Levoit Core 300 but features integrated WiFi, a PM2.5 particle sensor, and can integrate with the VeSync mobile app.  The Core 300S is rated for 26W of power rather than 45W of power (the Core 300).

COVID-19 usage tips

If using the Levoit 300 to mitigate indoor air COVID-19 risk, the unit should be run on HIGH if the noise level can be tolerated. If HIGH is too loud, then the second-highest setting should be used. While the Levoit 300 has an "Auto" mode, this auto mode is designed for responding to high levels of particles in the air from things like pollution, cooking, etc and not COVID-19.

On the highest speed setting, the Core 300 produces a CADR ("clean air delivery rate") of 140 cubic feet per minute. This means that to achieve at least 6 air changes per hour (the "good" target recommended for COVID air mitigation), the Core 300 should be used in a room of no more than 160 square feet (assuming 9 feet ceilings). If used in a larger room, multiple units can be used or outside air ventilation can be added. See the air cleaner purification calculator from Harvard and CU Boulder for more information. The air cleaner will also work in larger rooms and will likely reduce risk, but the 6 air changes/hour target may not be met.