A screenshot of the VeSync iOS mobile app showing connected devices and smart plugs.

VeSync is a family of home appliance and internet-of-things connected brands. VeSync is also the name of their mobile app which allows management of connected home appliances. The VeSync brands are Etekcity, Cosori, and Levoit.

VeSync (corporate name "Vesync Co., Ltd") began in 2012 as Etekcity.  The VeSync app was started in 2015. The Levoit and Cosori brands were formed in 2016.

VeSync mobile app

The VeSync mobile app allows for remote management of supported VeSync-family devices as well as smart plugs (e.g. those produced by Etekcity).

The VeSync mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

There is a third-party, open source python library available for controlling VeSync devices (e.g. Etekcity smart outlets, Levoit air purifiers)