The Honeywell North RU8800. Pictured is a size small.

The Honeywell North RU8800 is a half face elastomeric respirator produced by Honeywell. The RU8800 is designed specifically to fit hard-to-fit faces and has a unique triple flange interior.

The RU8800 facepiece is made of a soft silicone. The facepiece interior has three flanges that allow the respirator to seal at multiple potential places when worn. The RU8800 is also relatively 'wide' and is designed to 'wrap around' the face moreso than other respirators.

The RU8800 comes in two sizes: small and medium/large. As a "Honeywell North" respirator, the RU8800 takes N-Series cartridges. The RU8800 is NIOSH approved.

The Honeywell North RU8800 replaces the discontinued Honeywell Sperian Survivair Premier Plus. The Serpian Survivair Premier Plus was a nearly identical respirator but didn't use the N-Series cartridge type and had a slightly different exhalation valve. The Premier Plus was discontinued because Honeywell wanted to standardize on their N-Series cartridges. Honeywell stopped manufacturing the Survivair series of respirators at the end of 2017.

The interior of the Honeywell North RU8800 facepiece. Note the 3 flanges that line the interior.

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