The LG Airwasher KF94 with packaging. The LG Airwasher comes in individually-wrapped packaging.

The LG Airwasher is a KF94 mask made by the LG Corporation. The LG Airwasher comes in white and black colors and features an integrated adjustable earloop. The LG Airwasher is a "boat"-style / "3D" KF94 mask.

The LG Airwasher has a soft, almost fabric-like interior and a strong, not-easily-collapsed exterior.

The LG Airwasher is produced in South Korea.

Where to buy the LG Airwasher in the US

  • KollecteUSA is a Los Angeles-based importer of KF94 masks such as LG Airwasher as well as other Korean products (beauty, snacks, tea, etc).
  • Everyday eMall is a NYC based importer of Asian products such as LG Airwasher KF94 / other KF94 masks, beauty products, snacks, etc.

Independent tests

The LG Airwasher is an approved KF94 mask, so its quality is enforced by the South Korean FDA - and it met the necessary KF94 standards for approval. That being said, independent groups have tested the LG Airwasher:

Aaron Collins, an engineer with a background in aerosol science, has tested the LG Airwasher in his YouTube videos and found an effective filtration of 99.8% with a pressure drop of 0.28 in H20.

Lloyd Armbrust of Armbrust American tested an LG Airwasher purchased off Amazon and saw 99.07% filtration with a breathing resistance of 299 Pa:

The breathing resistance figures found by Armbrust conflict with Collins'. This may be due to Armbrust's machine testing only the center of the mask (which could have higher breathing resistance than the top and bottom sections) versus Collins' "as worn" test testing the whole mask.

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