A screenshot of the Project N95 website 2022-2. Graphics assumed copyright Project N95.

Project N95 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing equitable access to personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Project N95 buys PPE in bulk from vetted suppliers and figures out how to get it in peoples' hands as quickly as possible.

Project N95 sells their vetted N95 respirators and other PPE on their website. They also give away PPE in communities and to organizations. Project N95 is aiming to give away 10 million N95-caliber masks as soon as possible.

Project N95 began with a focus on providing PPE to frontline workers and healthcare facilities. In July of 2020 they accepted their first aggregated bulk order. Project N95 now has a broader scope, allowing PPE to be ordered by the general public on their website.

Project N95 was started by Anne Miller, who's mother-in-law was one of the first Vermonters to die of COVID-19.

In July of 2020, Project N95 accepted their first aggregate order (detailed in video below). These aggregate, bulk orders from PPE manufacturers allowed  smaller healthcare facilities that otherwise wouldn't be able to meet minimum order quantities to obtain N95s and other PPE.


July 2020 video describing Project N95's work.


Anne Miller is the Executive Director of Project N95. The Project N95 board of directors consists of Anne Miller, Joseph Titlebaum, Kenneth Bahk, Kate Goodrich, Rob Handfield, Pamela Riley.

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